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Restraining the desires

Restraining the desires

छंदं निरोहेण उवेइ मोक्खं

Moksha (liberation) is possible through restraining of desires

Desires are infinite. Fulfill one and another is born. After that the third and after the third the fourth is born; after the fourth is born the fifth and so these desires are generated one after another. Man is running after fulfillment of them unceasingly and one day breathes his last.

Running after satiation of desires can never give true happiness. Permanent happiness or eternal happiness only is true happiness that is possible from within, not outside.

The happiness derived from outside sources in not sustainable, not real. Happiness of moksha is only true happiness, which can be got only through restraining of desires, and not through their fulfillment; controlling of senses and penance.

Mind wants acquisition of objects of senses and hopes for happiness; but true happiness is not there, only shadow of happiness is there. Removing the mind from sense gratification and turning it towards self or the enlightened only will help realize moksha.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 4/8

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  1. JashvantnShah
    Mar 13, 2013 #

    Jai jinendra.I am sorry, I do not have facility to type in Hindi in my computer.So I have to type in English only. “Ichha” Desire is the root cause of all bondage i.e.Karma.So to get rid of the karmas, one must give up all sorts of desires. Acarya Umaswati in TatvarthaSutra mentions Ichha Nirodh iti Tapa .And Tapasa Nirjarasch. And if there are no desires no new Karma will be there. Nasti mulo kutha saakha .A person desires of having Sukh and that itself is the cause of Karma.

  2. Harsha shah
    Apr 30, 2018 #

    Jai Jinendra Jashvant Bhai
    The article points out that desires are endless so you don’t run after what you have pointed out is very true. Whatever is happening it is destined to happen. That is prabdth. Only choice we have is to weather or not we join and create new karma. Whatever is happening you are only knower of it as a REflection in the mirror. You can see it but cannot change it. Key is to maintain gyata bhava in and through each experience .

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