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Humility in the wise

Humility in the wise

नच्चा नमइ मेहावी

With the knowledge, wise man becomes humble

The branches of fruit laden trees bow down; similarly, those who are knowledgeable, they become humble.

It is not certain that branches of the tree will bow down because of the weight of fruits, but it is certain that men of knowledge will become humble. Quantity of fruits is limited, but knowledge is unlimited; hence, comparison of fruits with knowledge can be done in a restricted way only.

During swati naksatra water drop fallen from the cloud can become a pearl but its becoming the pearl is not guaranteed. It can become a pearl if it falls in an oyster and poison if it falls in a serpent’s mouth. Same analogy can be applied regarding knowledge also. One who is deluded, he uses his knowledge in a wrong way and the man whose knowledge is right, uses rightly. Evil person uses knowledge for his selfish ends, deceives others; but gentle man utilizes it for his own liberation and improving the lot of others.

Increase of knowledge makes an ignorant man conceited; but a wise man becomes humble.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/45

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