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Do not harass

Do not harass

न य वि त्तासए परं

Harass not any living being

Pain! How bad is this? The very word makes us experience distress. Who would like to have pain? None.

However, if this were surely to come, then? Ignorant will face it crying; while wise man will endure it with fortitude knowing that this will prove to be reason of extinction of karma (nirjara).

Still, it is sure that no body wishes for sufferings. Everyone wishes to be happy. No body wants to be unhappy.

Pain, sufferings, ache, natural calamities, hardships, troubles, fear, etc. are as distasteful, repulsive, disgusting, revolting to us; as they are to others.

Therefore, enlightened have recommended, commanded, preached that never harass any living beings.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 2/20

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