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The detached aspirant

The detached aspirant

विरता हु न लग्गंति,
जहा से सुक्कगोलए

As a ball made of dry mud, detached aspirant is not attached

If a ball made of wet mud is thrown at a wall, then it gets adhered to it because attribute of water present in it makes it stick.

Man is attached in this world because of attachment mentality aroused in them. If the water in the mud is dried, then the dry mud ball cannot adhere to the wall. If the man is devoid of attachment, it is forsaken, then that detached person will not get attached to worldly objects again.

Worldly soul has to exist in the world because until karma is associated with the soul, wandering in the world cannot be stopped. Still, pending dissociation of karma, he should practice leaving aside attachment and becoming detached.

The aspirant who can live like the lotus in the water only can be successful in his devotion.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 25/43

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