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Pure soul

Pure soul

भावणाजोगसुद्धप्पा जले णावा व आहिया

One whose soul is pure of thoughts, he is like a boat in the water

A dacoit uses knife and a doctor also; one wants to loot someone’s wealth by killing him and the other wants to cut the man’s sick or rotten organ through operation so that he can become healthy. One is a sinner, other a virtuous man; one is a killer, other a savior.

A cat catches a rat in the mouth and her own baby also; but she wants to eat one and take other to a safe place. Action being the same, how much difference is there in the feelings!

A father beats his son and other boys also beat him; but the father wants to reform him, whereas other boys beat him because of enmity. Thus, beatings being the same, because of different feelings, results are different.

Wise men say that the feelings only are more important. Therefore, because of feelings, whose internal self becomes pure, they are able to swim across, like the boat in the water, and reach the other shore, because they are a pure soul.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/15/5

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