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Wish not for honor because of penance

Wish not for honor because of penance

नो पूयणं तवसा आवहेज्जा

Do not expect admiration and honor due to penance done

Imagine that few people are crossing a river in a boat. They see the water entering the boat and the possibility of slowly sinking of the same. They immediately look out for the holes in the boat from where water is entering and plug the holes. With that, water stops coming. A few of them throw the accumulated water out of the boat.

Similarly, as per scriptural language it can be said that the soul stops (samvara) the influx (asrava) and later to demolish the accumulated karma, penance is done to destroy (nirjara) the same. This is the object of penance. For this purpose only, an aspirant should not observe austerities for earning respect and regard or praise; otherwise, the fruits of austerity would not be fitting.

Therefore, wise men have said – do not wish anything from penance.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/7/27

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