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Desire for desires

Desire for desires

कामी कामे न कामए, लद्धे वा वि अलद्ध कण्हुइ

Looking for gratification, an aspirant should not desire for fulfillment of desires. He should think of them as unavailable even if they were available, and neglect those, which are available.

After renouncing the worldly life, those who have become Sadhus, taken great vows, they should never again desire for sense gratification, nor also try to acquire them.

Beyond this, even if objects of sense gratification were easily available, then also they should think of them as unavailable i.e., those should be completely ignored. This propensity of ignorance of objects of sense gratification will be very useful for self-progress.

Ordinary men continue to desire. If an aspirant also does so, then what difference will remain in between the two? Hence, for aspirants this desire for desires is totally relinquishable.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/3/6

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