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Where in the middle ?

Where in the middle ?

जस्स नत्थि पुरा पच्छा
मज्झे तस्स कुओ सिया?

Who does not have a past or future, how can he be in the present?”

One who does not have either before or after, how can he have anything in between? Explanation of this is that one, who does not remember his past sensuality, nor has any desire for the future, how can he be attached to the present?

Through this aphorism, aspirants have been given inspiration to reflect on how to mold their propensities away from sense gratification. After having taken diksha (initiation), they must not, even for a moment remind themselves of their experiences. Memory of experience is like fire ablaze which reduces devotion and austerities to ashes.

Likewise, desire for fulfillment of wishes of sense gratification in the future also corrupts devotion. Spiritual devotion is turned into self-satisfaction. As far as present sense gratification is concerned, it becomes the cause of immediate disgrace. Therefore, all the three indulgences are to be renounced – past and future indulgence before the present because who has no before or after, where is the middle for him.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/4/4

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