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Deceitful lies

Deceitful lies

सादियं न मुसं बूया

Lies should not be uttered with deceitful mind

To lie is bad; but the intensity of lie cannot be determined until its objective and purpose is not known.

People speak lies to hide their crime. Fear of punishment prompts them to hide the same; but that does not annihilate their penchant to commit crime. As a result, the liar progressively falls. His improvement becomes impossible; hopes of his progress are eliminated.

Few people speak lies to save the life of others. Such lies spoken with non-violent intentions are pure, strengthens virtue; it is not a sin.

Few people utter lies for realization of their selfish goal. They have a cunning mind; they have a tendency to cheat others. In the scriptural language, it is called deceitful lies. This is a great sin. Everyone must avoid this. Lie spoken without full knowledge can be ignored; but spoken with deceitful intentions is not forgivable.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/8/16

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