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Criticizer wanders

Criticizer wanders

जो परिभवइ परं जणं,
संसारे परिवत्तई महं

One who criticizes, wanders in the world

All are great – one more than another. Someone is better than the other, and other is better than someone else. Someone is great because of one reason, someone else because of some particular reason. Therefore, we should not commit the mistake of underestimating anyone.

One who undervalues others; others undervalue him. One who insults others; others insult him. One who talks ill of others; others talk ill of him. Thus, no benefit is derived; only more losses are incurred.

One about whom we talk ill, if he wishes, he can rectify himself and become better but what benefit will accrue to the criticizer? All round he will lose only. He will surely spoil his tongue as well as demolish life also.

Such a man, because of talking ill of others, continues to wander in this world.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/2/1

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