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Consider With Particular Reference

Consider With Particular Reference

विभज्जवायं च वियागरेज्जा

Words with many meanings must be used

‘Syadvada’ is a philosophical principle. ‘Syat’ means consideration. Hence, it can also be called ‘from a particular point of view’ (Sapeksavada). Throughout the world, it is known as Anekantavada since it does not insist on any particular point of view.

Anekantavada says that there are many aspects of a subject. People who agree on this principle are supporters of Anekantavada. Ekantavadi are the people who see everything with a single point of view and forget that a thing can be seen differently from different angles. Anekantavadi does not insist on one point only.

It is to be understood that a thing, which is permanent from a real point of view, is impermanent from practical point of view. If a crown be broken and a necklace be made and again the necklace be broken and bangles be made, then the crown and bangles undergo change (impermanent) but the gold remains intact (permanent).

The same logic applies to different principles. The food that is good for a hungry man is not good for a sick man. Ekantavadi uses ‘this only’ whereas Anekantavadi uses ‘this also’

Truth can be discovered when we pursue Anekantavada

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/14/22

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  1. harsha
    Jan 8, 2016 #

    Very nice
    Best way to be positive and avoid disappointment n fights by considering everybody’s view

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