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Blind Struggles, Dog Eats

Blind Struggles, Dog Eats

ए हरंति तं वित्तं, कम्मी कम्मेहिं किच्चति

Earned wealth is enjoyed by others; miser has to pay for the sins committed

When a person steals or embezzles, then his inner voice says – Don’t do, don’t do this, this is bad. However, he does not listen to this inner voice and instigated by selfishness and greed, he commits sins.

This can be said even for other things. Whatever one accumulates through committing sins and darkening soul, others enjoy. He is not able to enjoy himself the fruits of his labor. He just remains the guardian of his wealth. He is not able to even defend this successfully!

His relatives, family members, friends, corrupt officers, thieves, thugs and others continue to use or split his wealth. He only reaps the fruits of his sins – suffers.

This is like “hard work is done by one, fruits are enjoyed by others.”

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/6/4

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