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Age is depleting

Age is depleting

सेणे जह वट्टयं हरे, एवं आउखयंमि तुट्टइ

As the hawk kills the quail in one stroke, so also after completion of age, death takes away life

The entire world is the food of death. A little is in its mouth, a little in its lap and a little in its palms. One day his death is imminent whose age is remaining, still not completed, though he may live. Those who are born in this world surely die, some before and some after – this is the only difference.

The hawk kills the quail in one stroke. Similarly, after completion of age, death strikes the living beings and instantly takes the life out.

Knowing the imminence of death, an aspirant should never be lazy in pursuance of his path of salvation. One who remembers death; never takes interest in sins. He knows that for temporary pleasures he should not indulge in sins because life is receding every moment.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/1/2

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