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Four sons

Four sons

चत्तारि सुता-अतिजाते,
अणुजाते, अवजाते, कुलिंगाले

Sons are of four kinds — atijata, anujata, avajata and kulangara

Few sons are such that they possess more than their father’s attributes; they are called ‘atijata suta’.

Second type of sons are such that they follow the character of their father and become like them — neither greater nor lower than them. Until their fathers are alive, people know them by their fathers name only and after their death, they know their sons. These are ‘anujata suta’.

Third type of sons are those who are not able to inherit all the qualities of their father. Being less characteristic, they are known as ‘avajata suta’.

Fourth type of sons are of bad habits and bad character. They spoil the name of their fathers by doing opposite to what their fathers had done; they put their family into shame. They are called ‘kulangara’, since they put the family image on fire.

Think, to which category of sons do you belong?

- Sthananga Sutra 4/1

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