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Four restraints

Four restraints

चउव्विहे संजमे – मणसंजमे,
वइसंजमे, कायसंजमे, उवगरणसंजमे

Restraint are of four types – restrain of mind, speech, body and instruments

As the sea does not cross its limits, so also saints and sadhus do not cross their limits. To observe restraint only is their rectitude.

Mind is extremely fickle. It continuously gets attracted towards sense objects. To keep it under control and direct it to meditation is restraint of mind.

To speak after due consideration of all aspects, not to criticize anyone, not to speak anything which pricks or is of abusing nature is restraint of speech.

Not to quarrel and fight with anyone, walk carefully, not to travel during night (so that living beings are not hurt under one’s feet) is restraint of body.

To keep minimum clothes, vessels, instruments etc. is restraint of instruments.

This way by restraining of their mind, speech, body and instruments saints observe four types of restraints.

- Sthananga Sutra 4/2

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