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Man with the rigth faith

Man with the rigth faith

सम्मत्तदंसी न करेइ पावं

Man of right faith does not commit sins

Jiva (animate), ajiva (inanimate),punya (virtues),papa (sins), asrava (influx), samvara (stopping), bandha (bondage), nirjara ( part annihilation) and moksha (liberation) are the nine realities. Their nature is the meaning. Right Perception is having faith on the realities and their meaning because the aspirant who is able to understand the true nature of realities, is able to develop faith in them.

In normal behavior, it is also seen that people believe only the subjects known, not the unknown. If any unknown object comes into our contact then first we try to know about that before placing our faith because those who place their faith without knowing are deceived.

When an aspirant understands this very well that there is a difference in between the animate and the inanimate i.e., I am conscious and the other seen all objects are inanimate – matter – without consciousness; after the death, soul alone goes at different places; all these substances, including our own body also are left behind, then he does not have interest in committing sins for the pleasure of bodily pleasures. Hence, he may indulge in religious activities as much as wishes, but does not commit sins.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/2

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