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Know the truth

Know the truth

पुरिसा! सच्चमेव समभिजाणाहि

O man! Know the truth very well

In the world, there are many things to know. Geography, astronomy, geology, mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, politics, finance, thesaurus, grammar, poetry, literature, oratory, art, astrology, signs, different languages of different countries, different writing styles, music, principles, philosophy, justice etc., and other hundreds of subjects are there to study. Each subject is so vast in itself that even if whole life be spent, still full knowledge of a particular subject may not be understood. Little knowledge of all subjects cannot give satisfaction – such part knowledge gives restlessness. He is a jack of all but master of none.

Wise men say that instead of learning about all these subjects, striving for learning spiritual knowledge is far better. Through learning of this, contentment and happiness are fast experienced. Spiritual knowledge is only true knowledge – it is the truth. For contentment, know only the truth.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/3

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