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आतुरा परितावेंति

Impatient gives sorrow

Impatient or sensual or sense-gratifiers trouble others; make them suffer. Selfish people are indiscreet. They do not differentiate between what ought to be done and what ought not to be done. For there little pleasure they do not hesitate to give lot of trouble to others. For their temporary pleasures, their tendency to inflict permanent afflictions knows no bounds.

An owl cannot see in the day and the crow in the night; but a sensual man is such an astonishing blind person that he sees neither in the day nor in the night. Completely overlooking fear, shame, humility etc., he is ever on the lookout for objects of sense gratification. He troubles all those who stand in between his pleasure seeking ways and gets himself troubled. Such is the consequence of impatience.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/1/6

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