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Keep the faith intact

Keep the faith intact

जाए सद्धाए निक्खंते,
तमेव अणुपालेज्जा विजहित्ता विसोत्तियं

Leaving aside doubts, the faith with which initiation has been taken, should be kept intact

The path of devotion is strewn more with sharp thorns than flowers. Therefore, an aspirant has to face many troubles in between. Sometimes, frustrated with them he loses his path. At the repeated failure, sometimes he gets disappointed also. As a result his faith for the right path gets reduced and he nurtures doubts like whether the chosen path was right or not? The omniscient Lord Mahavira advising such doubtful aspirants says that forsaking their doubts, for surely attaining their cherished goal, they should remain firm in the faith with which they had got initiated.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/1/3

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