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Doubt not

Doubt not

वितिगिच्छासमावेणं अप्पाणेणं
नो लहइ समाहिं

Doubtful can never get liberated

An aspirant before starting his meditation listens to the guru. From that, he gets interest in the scriptures. Then, studying the scriptures on his own, he selects a path, understands the best way of life, considers the pros and cons, and after thinking firms up his faith and then starts on his journey. He continues to walk until he does not attain his goal.

He is not perturbed by the troubles coming on his way, and thus one day, after finding his goal, he stops only after becoming a siddha. If an aspirant were to doubt in between his devotion, then his faith would waver, his belief would not remain firm and his peace would be lost, his meditation would go astray. Therefore, wise men have said that an aspirant must never become doubtful on the way.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/5/5

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  1. Jashvant Shah
    Apr 14, 2013 #

    Jai jinendra. Just one sentence to express my view with the help of Sutra. I regret I do not have Hindi typing facility inmy computer,so I am writing it in Transliterated in English.

    ” Samsayen Atma vineshyati. Shraddhavan labhate Gyanam “.

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