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Command of the truth

Command of the truth

सच्चस्स आणाए उवट्ठिए मेहावी मारं तरइ

The intelligent who obeys the command of truth, he is able to swim over the waves of death

In life, we experience the necessity of discipline at every step. Bereft of humility or discipline, immodest and undisciplined man increases own and others pain only. In such a position, how can betterment of self and others be expected from him?

Thus, discipline is a necessary attribute of life. Obeying is the recognition of discipline. The one who obeys the command of his master properly, the master is pleased with him, he promotes him, rewards him, but in the spiritual field it is the virtues which command. Truth is the highest virtue; hence that only is the master of all. One who obeys the command of truth; he, like an obedient servant gets continuously promoted and rewarded by self-serenity. He advances so much that he is able to cross the sea of death also if he obeys the command of truth fully.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/3

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