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Arrival of death

Arrival of death

नत्थि कालस्स णागमो

Death can arrive anytime

Death! How horrible is this word? Who would like to get it? None. If anybody were to die in the family, then the entire family is engulfed in the sea of sorrow. If guru were to breathe his last, then the disciples group gets sorrowful and if any disciple were to be dead, then the guru becomes restless. Husband becomes widower at the death of wife and wife, at the death of the husband, burns in the fire of widowhood. At the death of a king the public or at the death of a president entire nation is in a tumult. Thus, death, makes everyone cry, is disliked; still, it is certain. Whoever is born, he certainly dies.

Omniscient by making the soul pure through restraint and austerity, escape the pain of death forever. Moksha is the means of escaping death. Therefore, aspirants continue to pursue religious activities – strive for self-benefit. They reflect, ‘who knows when death would arrive?’.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/3

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