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भगवान आदिनाथ का इतिहास

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  1. Mita Shah
    जुलाई 18, 2016 #

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful explanation of Lord Adinäth.

    फ़रवरी 7, 2017 #

    Sadar Jai Jinendra,

    Rishabhanatha spent a thousand years performing austerities and then attained Kevala Jnana (omniscience) on the eleventh day of Falgun Krishna (Hindu calendar) under a banyan tree.[40] According to Jain texts, Devas (heavenly beings) created a divine preaching hall known as samavasarana. This is the fourth of Panch Kalyanaka and is known as Kevala Jnāna Kalyanaka. According to Jain texts, the following is the number of followers of Tirthankara Rishabhanatha

    फ़रवरी 7, 2017 #

    Sadar Jai Jinendra,


    Kailash Parvat Rachna, Hastinapur
    Rishabhanatha is said to have preached Jainism far and wide. He attained Moksha (liberation from the cycle of births and deaths) at Ashtapada (famously known as Mount Kailash)[44] on the fourteenth day of Magha Krishna (Hindu Calendar) at the age of 84 lakh purva (592.704 x 1018 years). His preachings were recorded in fourteen scriptures known as Purvas.

    फ़रवरी 7, 2017 #

    Sadar Jai Jinendra,

    The Palitana temples of Jainism are located on Shatrunjaya hill by the city of Palitana in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, India.

    This site on Shatrunjaya hill is considered sacred by Jains and have hundreds of temples.There are approximately 863 marble-carved temples on the hills.The main temple is reached by stepping up 3500 steps.

    फ़रवरी 24, 2017 #

    The Originator of Civilization.

    Father : King Nabhi
    Mother: Queen Mora Devi.

    Also known as Rishabh Dev have mentioned in Ancient Scripture of Hindus like Vedas, Jain Aagams, Buddhist Scriptures.

  6. Meera Daftary
    जुलाई 30, 2017 #

    Can you give us reply
    Who is the students of aadinath bhagvan ?

    जुलाई 31, 2017 #

    According to Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a professor of comparative religions and philosophy at Oxford who later became the second President of India, there is evidence to show that Ṛiṣhavdeva, the first tīrthaṅkara, was being worshipped by the first century BC.
    The Yajurveda mentions the name of three Tīrthaṅkaras – Ṛiṣhavdeva, Ajitanatha and Arishtanemi, states Radhakrishnan, and “the Bhāgavata Purāṇa endorses the view that Ṛṣabha was the founder of Jainism”.

    The Vedas mention the name Ṛiṣhavdeva.[ADINATH BHAGWAN], Rishabhanatha is said to be the founder of Jainism, However, the context in the Rigveda, Atharvaveda and the Upanishads suggests that it means the bull, sometimes “any male animal” or “most excellent of any kind”, or “a kind of medicinal plant”.

    Elsewhere it is an epithet for the Hindu god Shiva (Rudra). Later Hindu mythical texts such as the Bhagavata Purana include Ṛiṣhavdeva. [ADINATH BHAGWAN] Jina as an avatar of Vishnu.

    According to Jain traditional accounts, he was born to King Nabhi and Queen Marudevi in north Indian city of Ayodhya.
    He had two wives, Sunanda and Sumangala.

    Sumangala is described as the mother of his ninety-nine sons (including King Bharat Chakrabati), {India was named as Bharat on his Name} and one daughter Brahmi.

    Sunanda is depicted as the mother of Bahubali and Sundari.

    The sudden death of Nilanjana, one of the dancers of Indra, reminded him of the world’s transitory nature and he developed a desire for renunciation.

    After renouncing, the Jain legends state he wandered without food for a whole year. The day on which he got his first ahara (food), is celebrated as Akshaya Tritiya by Jains.

    Ṛiṣhavdeva. [ADINATH BHAGWAN] is said to have attained Moksha on Mount Kailash.(ASTAPAD)

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