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Who is eligible for the penance of Self-criticism?

Who is eligible for the penance of Self criticism?

न हु सुज्झइ ससल्लो जह
भणियं सासणे धुयरयाणं|
उद्धरियसव्वसल्लो सुज्झइ जीवो धुयकिलेसे॥

It is said in the administration of Almighty, who is free of karmas, that no soul can become pure by hiding any sin. The soul can become pure by revealing all hidden sins and leaving all illusions and attachments. Therefore, one has to go for self criticism to become pure.

One who has committed sins intentionally or by unawareness and discloses them before guru innocently like a child without playing trick, becomes eligible to gain atonement and the soul of that person becomes pure. Inspite of knowing the sins, even an omniscient Lord doesn’t give atonement for them, which one hides within himself.

After hearing the sin of a person 2-3 times if the Guru feels that one is deceitful then he doesn’t give atonement and sends him elsewhere for the same. Guru tries to remind the sins a of person in various ways if he has forgotten due to ignorance but doesn’t remind them if he hides them purposely. It is said in scriptures that -

कहेहि सव्वं जो वुत्तो जाणमाणे गुहई|
न तस्स दिंति पायच्छित्तं बिंति अन्नत्थ सोहय॥
न संभरइ जो दोसे सब्भावा न य मायाओ|
पच्चक्खी साहए ते उ माइणो उ न साहइ॥

If someone says vaguely that he has done lots of sins and asks for atonement, or hides the sins which he knows, can’t be given atonement and is advised to confess elsewhere. If a person confesses his each and every sin and in case can’t remember some, and asks for atonement, he becomes eligible for it.

How much can a soul remember as he is dunce and forgetful therefore, michhami dukkadam for whatever he couldn’t remember. Many souls have gained salvation by self-criticizing and hence it is said in scriptures -

निट्ठियपापपंका सम्मं आलोइउं गुरुसगासे|
पत्ता अणंतजीवा सासयसुखं अणाबाहं॥

Those who have destroyed the sins by self-criticism and practising atonement received from guru, have attained eternal happiness free from hurdles.

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