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Self-criticism is a must for all

Self criticism is a must for all

जह सुकुसलो वि विज्जो अन्नस्स
कहेइ अत्तणो वाहि|
एवं जाणगस्स वि सल्लुद्धरणं परसगासे॥
A skillful doctor also discloses his disease to another doctor, likewise the guru who knows the atonement should also confess before his seniors. Thus preceptors, saints, followers of Jainism, all should observe self-criticism. One cannot be pious without self-criticism. The harm of not making self-criticising :– Those sufferings which do not occur due to poison or weapons or arrows, are caused by deceitful afflictions hidden inside the heart. By hiding the sins Rukmani had to take birth for 1,00,000 times on this earth. Poison kills only once but due to the hidden sins, one has to face death thousands of times. It is said in the scriptures.

नवि तं सत्थं व विसं दप्पयुत्तो व कुणई वेतालो |
जं कुणई भावसल्लं अणुद्धरियं सव्वदुहमूलं॥
An evil spirit, weapon, poison or pride can’t create those pains or miseries, as those created by undisclosed sins. Gurudev always admires the person who self-criticizes. However, for the betterment of a person if master gives some rebuking he should not get annoyed. One should not feel remorse or regret for confessing. Oh! What have I done ? I have disclosed all the weaknesses of my life? Oh! Now what will happen? A person should not think like this because confession is a good deed & therefore should not be regretted. It is said in the scriptures that -

अणणुतापी अमायी चरणजुआलोयगा भणिया|
The self criticizer who does not regret after confessing is of good character as well as pure hearted. Self-criticism is a good deed. One should not let others know the atonement received by him. After observing self criticism and atonement, efforts should be made in such a way that similar mistakes are not repeated. However, if mistakes are committed under bewitchment, one should confess again. It is said in scriptures that -

तस्स य पायच्छित्तं जं मग्गविऊ गुरु उवइसंति|
तं तह आयरियव्वं अणवत्थ पसंगभएण॥
One should follow the instruction of guru after taking atonement so as to avoid occurance of previous mistakes and sins. A person not confessing won’t become pure even if he observes life-time fast, on the contrary, may wander till infinite births. The ancient Gurus have said that -

जं कुणई भावसल्लं, अणुद्धरियं उत्तमट्ठकालम्मि|
दुल्लहबोहियत्तं अणंतसंसारियत्तं च॥
That means, one who doesn’t remove hidden sins becomes stubborn and wanders till infinite births even after observing lifelong fast. A flower like finest human birth, if it does not undergo self-criticism, in spite of having gurus, religion and lord nearby, will wither and droop into spiritual degeneration for numerous births. Therefore, one has to sprinkle the water of repentance regularly on the blossom of the soul constantly. O soul! Take this opportunity of self criticism or else you’ll be thrown into spiritual degeneration like a withered flower. One should confess anually after confessing complete previous life. This is mentioned in 11th duty of the followers of Jainism. If you don’t have the company of a guru you should confess whenever you happen to be with him.

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