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Kanakratha, the king of Kanakpura, had two wives, Kanakodri & Lakshmivati. Lakshmivati worshiped a gem idol of Jineshwar Bhagwan in the palace. She became popular as a pious person. Kanakodri was jealous of her popularity. She thought that the cause of her popularity was the worship of the idol. “If cause is destroyed the effect will automatically cease.” Thus, she threw the idol in wastes. Lakshmivati searched the idol. She suspected that none other than Kanakodri could do such task. Sadhvi Jayshree, who arrived there, also came to know about this. Lakshmivati persuaded Kanakodri with warmth. Kanakodri conducted a ceremonious bath of water on the idol & then installed it again but she didn’t confess for her sin.

Due to this, in her next birth, she had to suffer the separation from her husband for 22 years. In her previous birth, Vasanttilaka had inspired & supported her for committing the sin, so even she had to suffer with her.

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