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Description of Vinita

Description of Vinita
He (Kubera) made the city Vinita, also called Ayodhya, twelve yojanas long and nine wide. After laying it out, the Yaksa-king, free from deceit, filled it unceasingly with inexhaustible clothes, ornaments, money, and grain. Even without a wall (as background for painting) a painting was made in the sky from the variegated light from palaces of diamond, sapphire, and cat’s eye. In it the appearance of challenge papers, as it were, to the peaks of Meru was made by the lofty golden palaces in the guise of banners. The rows of coping of bright jewels on its wall became without effort mirrors for the Khecara-women after a long time.

Girls play the karkaraka game at will with the pearl settings of the svastikas in its courtyards. The cars of the Khecaris become nests in a moment, being obstructed day and night by the tops of the tall trees in its gardens. By those who have seen the heaps of jewels piled up in its markets and palaces Mt. Rohana is considered a heap of their sweepings. The house-pools there have the beauty of Tamraparni from the broken pearl-necklaces of women enjoying water-sports. There are rich men in it, the merchant-son of anyone of whom, I think, having gone to trade, is like Kubera. Its roads everywhere have the dust laid by water dripping at night from houses with walls of moonstone. With its lacs of tanks, wells, and ponds whose water was like nectar, it surpassed Nagaloka with its nine nectar-tanks.

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  1. Sugyan Modi
    Jun 7, 2013 #

    अद्भुत .

  2. Ravinder Jain
    May 8, 2018 #

    Good information .Give the same ingmation in hindi and urdu.

  3. Ravinder Jain
    May 8, 2018 #

    I want same information in Hindi Urdu and other languge of world .

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