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Stop exploitation of all kind

Stop exploitation of all kind

A scorpion bites only if touched but we sprinkle pesticide all over the garden to kill insects. Who is more poisonous?

A Sardarji rented a taxi in Amritsar for the whole day. In the evening he stopped the taxi and asked for the fare. After reading the meter the driver said, “Sir it is Rs. 100.” Sardarji immediately gave him Rs. 50. The driver again repeated, “Sir, Its Rs. 100 you have given me only Rs. 50 you have to give me another 50.” Sardarji said, “I did not roam alone. You were along with me. So if it is Rs.100. is for both of us, I have given you my share of 50.” Before the taxi driver could say anything, the Sardarji went off.

Stop exploitation of all kind
He got down from the taxi at the hotel where he was staying with his family. He saw his son playing in the garden. On seeing his father his son ran towards him and stepped on a scorpion by mistake. The Scorpion bit him and he started crying. Everyone around him got panicked but still helped Sardaji to take his son to the hospital. Although his son`s life was saved yet he had to pay a hospital bill of Rs. 500, he thought about the poor taxi driver that he had fooled. The principal punishment could have been his death but he got its interest in the suffering.

Stop exploitation of all kind
We cannot fool the LAW of ‘karma’. The taxi driver let off the Sardarji but the Sardarji was not able to save himself from his wrong deed. We use insecticides, poisonous gases to destroy insects but if these insects bite or sting us we can lose our life.Therefore think before you get violent towards them. One might think, why did the taxi-driver suffered a loss of Rs. 50/-? The question can easily be answered through the theory of Karma. The Sardarji had accidently run over a frog while driving. He was penalized for “Killing because of negligence”

We will have to pay for our Bad Karmas.. Principal punishment could be our death and its interest the suffering. If we kill a number of animals then we will have to die a number of times. A human requires a garden, playground, swimming pool, resort, gym, bungalow for comfortable stay. Numerous living beings can stay in that much space.

- All beings have an equal right of living. So don’t kill anyone or torture them like hitting a snake with a stick, throwing stones at cows or dogs, removing bee hives or birds nest.

- Live and let live. Death is not wanted by anybody. Show compassion to all creatures. Soul is the same in animal and man.

- Only good and bad deeds remain. Remember not to hurt anybody. Blessings will take you nearer to god. And you will be happy everyday.

Shun cruelty from the past and in the future.

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