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The Lord’s Kevala

The Lord’s Kevala
Independent, unstumbling like the wind, practicing various and manifold penances, persevering in manifold vows, the Blessed One wandered for a thousand years as easily as a day in Mleccha countries Yavana, Domba, etc., observing silence, making non- Aryas well-disposed to others just from the sight of him, untouched by disturbances, enduring trials. The Blessed One, Vrsabhabannered, went to Purimatala, the chief suburb of the great city Ayodhya. To the north of it was a beautiful grove Sakatamukha, that was like a second Nandana, which the Lord occupied. After fasting for four days, standing in meditation under a banyan tree, he attained the gunasthana called apramatta. Then after ascending the apurvakarana (the eighth), he attained the first pure meditation. Then having attained anivrtti (the ninth) and suksmasamparaya (the tenth), the Teacher of the World instantly achieved destruction of the passions. After he had destroyed greed which was instantly precipitated by that very meditation, he was in a state of ‘passions suppressed’ like water cleared by a clearing-nut. Then instantly he reached the second pure meditation, and in the next moment his delusion was destroyed (twelfth gunasthana).

He destroyed the five knowledge-obscuring karmas, the four belief- obscuring and the five obstructive karmas the destructive karmas which remained (at that time). When one thousand years had passed since he took the vow, on the eleventh of the dark half of Phalguna, the moon being in conjunction with Uttarasadha, at dawn the Lord’s omniscience became manifest. It had the three periods of time (past, present, and future) as its sphere and made visible the entire three worlds as if held in the hand. The heavens were gracious; the winds gave comfort; a moment of ease even for hell inhabitants was produced at that time.

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