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The Doctrine of Maya (Vedanta)

The Doctrine of Maya (Vedanta)
Then the fourth minister said: “It is illusion; nothing is real. The visible world is like a dream or a mirage. A teacher and a disciple; a father and a son; virtue and vice; one’s own and another’s; such things as appear, that is only a form of expression, not reality. Just as the jackal left meat, and ran after a fish on the bank, and the fish got in the water and a vulture got the meat,49 exactly so those men are deceived and deprive themselves of both, who abandon pleasures of this world and run after those of the next world. After they have heard the false teaching of heretics,50 fearing hell, they foolishly torment their own bodies*, alas! by vows, etc. Just as a partridge dances on one foot, afraid that it will fall on the ground, so a man practices penance fearing a fall into hell.”

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