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Second & Third Incarnation

Second & Third Incarnation
As a result of his gift to the munis he became a twin in the Uttarakurus, who have the period of pure happiness present, on the north bank of the river Sita, to the east of the Jambu tree. There people wish to eat at the end of the fourth day, and have two hundred fifty-six ribs. They are born as twins, are three gavyutis tall, live for three palyas, bear children toward the end of life, have slight passions, and are free from self-interest. After they have reared their twin-offspring for forty-nine days they die, and are reborn among the gods. Among the Utttarakurus the land is naturally beautiful, with sand as sweet as sugar and waters resembling autumn moonlight. Ten kinds of wishing trees Maayangas, etc., always give to the people whatever they desire without effort on their part. Among these, the Madyangas give wine, the Bhrnga’s dishes, the Turyangakas choice musical instruments with various times. The Dipasikhas and Jyotiskas give a wonderful light, the Citrangas furnish wealth’s, and the Citrarasas, in turn, food. Manyangas furnish ornaments, the Gehakaras houses, and the Anangas various kinds of divine apparel. These give definite objects, and also indefinite ones; and other wishing-trees there give all things desired. There the jiva of Dhana, like a wishing-tree in heaven, had everything desired and enjoyed pleasures of the senses as a twin.

After it had completed the life of a twin, then the jiva of Dhana became a god in Saudharma as a cetestial being, a result of his gift in a former birth.

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