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Eleventh Incarnation as Vajranabha – Part 2

Eleventh Incarnation as Vajranabha   Part 2
Vajranabha, like a brother of Dharma, surrounded by munis, brothers in the vow, wandered over the earth. Bahu and the other brothers and the charioteer had their lord in the Master Vajranabha, like the five senses subject to the mind. By the power of their yoga all the magic powers, phlegm, etc., became apparent like mountain herbs by moonlight. The body of a leper, if rubbed with just a particle of their phlegm, became golden like a heap of copper from kotivedha juice. The impurities from their eyes, ears, etc., and from their limbs, having the fragrance of musk, were a medicine for all sick people. Merely from touching their bodies, sick people became well, as if from a bath of nectar. Water, both rain-water and running water of rivers, etc., that had been in contact with their bodies, removed all diseases, as the light of the sun destroys darkness. The bad effects of poison, etc., disappeared from wind that had touched their bodies, just as other elephants disappear because of the scent of the ichor of a rutting elephant. Food, etc., infected with poison that was placed in their dishes or mouths, became free from poison like pieces of nectar.

By hearing their speech, pain left anyone afflicted with a very poisonous disease, as poison disappears by a syllable of a charm. The nails, hair, teeth, and everything else produced by their bodies became medicines, just as water in pearl-oysters becomes pearls. They were able to make their bodies smaller than usual, so they could enter the eye of a needle like thread. They had the power of making their bodies very large, so that Mt. Sumeru reached only to their knees. They had the capacity to make their bodies light, so that even the lightness of the air was exceeded. They had the power to make their bodies heavy, surpassing even the thunderbolt, which (power) could not be resisted even by Sakra and the other gods. They had the power of reaching, so that standing on the ground they could touch with their finger-tips the top of Meru, the planets, etc., like leaves of trees. They had the power of irresistible will, so that they could walk on water as well as on land, and dive into and come up from land as well as water. They had power by which they could gain the magnificent state of a cakravartin or Indra.

They had the unprecedented faculty of making others submit, so that free, savage animals became submissive. They had the power of freedom from opposition, so that they had unopposed entrance into the middle of a mountain as if into a hole. They had the power of unfrustrated invisibility, so that they could always be as invisible as the wind. They had skill in changing their form, so they could fill the world with their own multiple forms.

Their seed like intellect was apparent, supernatural, causing seeds of many ideas to grow from the seed of one idea. They had granary like faculties so that they retained in due order things heard before without recalling them, like grain thrown in a granary. From their knowledge of all the texts and interpretations, they could continue a text from one word heard at the beginning, end, or middle. They had powerful mental faculties, lifting up from the Ocean of scriptures a subject in an antarmuhurta, from their power of immersion. They had a powerful faculty of speech, repeating all the scriptures in an antarmuhurta as easily as the alphabet. They were very strong in body, free from weariness and exhaustion even when they were engaged in motionless pratima for a long time.

They were sources of nectar, milk, honey, and ghee from the arrival of the flavor of nectar, etc., even from bad food put in their dishes. Fortunately they were sources of nectar, milk, honey, and ghee from the change of their words into nectar, etc., for those afflicted by pain. They had the power of having unfailing kitchens from the inexhaustibility of even a little food which had been dropped into their bowls, even though very much had been distributed. They had never-failing palaces from the comfortable accommodation of innumerable creatures in a little space as in the case of an assembly of a Tirthankars. They had the power to acquire one undivided sense-organ from the grasping by one sense alone of the objects of other senses.

They had the art of flying with their legs by which they were able to reach Rucakadvipa in one jump. Returning from Rucakadvipa, with one jump they were able to reach Nandisvara, and with a second the place from which they had started. When going up in the air, with one jump they could go to the garden Panduka on Meru’s peak. Then turning, they were able to go to Nandana with one jump and with a second to the place of the first jump. By the art of flying by knowledge with one jump they were able to reach Manusottara, and with another Nandisvaradvipa. With one jump they were able to arrive at the ground of the first jump. They were able to come and go up in the air in the same way as in the Middle World. They had the power of a venomous serpent, able to destroy by a curse or to favor; and they had very many other powers also. They did not make use of their powers at all; for people seeking moksa are indifferent to things close at hand.

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