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Coronation as King

Coronation as King
The Master, even though indifferent, enjoyed pleasures with his wives for a long time; for good-feeling karma cannot be destroyed otherwise. When a little less than six Purvas had passed after the wedding, while the Lord enjoyed himself with them, the jivas of Bahu and Pitha fell from Sarvarthasiddhi and entered Sumangala’s womb as twins. Likewise the jivas of Subahu and Mahapitha fell from Sarvarthasiddhi and entered Sunanda’s womb. Then Lady Sumangala, like Marudeva, saw fourteen great dreams, indicating the importance of the embryo. The Mistress related the dreams to the Master, who said unhesitatingly, “Your son will be a Cakravartis.” Sumangala bore children, Bharata and Brahmi, as the east bears the sun and (morning) twilight lighting up the quarter of the sky. Lady Sunanda bore Bahubali and Sundari with fair figures, like the rainy-season bearing clouds and lightning. In course of time Lady Sumangala bore forty-nine pairs of twin-sons, like Vidurabhu jewels. These grew up gradually, playing here and there, very strong, very energetic, like young elephants on the Vindhya Mountains. Vrsabhaswamin, surrounded on all side by his children, shone like a great tree with many branches.

Then through the fault of time, the efficacy of the wishing-trees diminished, like the Splendor of torches at daybreak. The passions, anger, etc., of the twins appeared like grains of lac on asvattha trees gradually, gradually. Then the twins transgressed the three laws called ‘hakara’ ‘makara,’ ‘dhikkara’ like rogue elephants threefold control. Together the twins approached Rsabhanatha, and told him all the sin that was being committed. Possessing the three kinds of knowledge, recalling (former) births, the Master said, “A king will be the punisher of those transgressing boundaries. Seated on a very high throne, consecrated first, having at hand the fourfold army, he should have unbroken commands.” They said, “Be our king. Why do you neglect us? No one else like you is seen among us.” “Go and ask Nabhi, the best of Kulakaras. He will give you a king,” the son of Nabhi replied. Asked by them for a king, Nabhi, chief of Kulakaras, said to them, “Let Rsabha be your king.” Then the twins, delighted, approached the Lord, and said, “You have been given to us as a king by Nabhi.”

Then the twins went for water for the Master’s consecration; and the lion-throne of Trivistapapati shook. Knowing by clairvoyant knowledge that it was time for the Lord’s consecration as king, Sutraman went there in a moment, as if from house to house. The Lord of Saudharmakalpa made a golden dais, and placed on it a lionthrone like Atipandukambala. The Lord of the east quarter, like a family-priest, made Rsabhaswamin’s consecration as king with water brought from the tirthas. Vasavas clothed the Master in divine clothing made of beautiful moonlight with a wealth of white color, as it were. Vrtraman put diadems, etc., on the Lord, the diadem of the three worlds, and ornaments and jewels on his body in the proper places. The twin, after getting water with lotus leaves, came late and, seeing the Lord adorned, stood like people holding up a reception- gift. Saying, “It is not proper to throw it on the Lord’s head since he is adorned with divine ornaments and clothes” they threw the water on his feet. “These are truly polite,” and for that reason Maghavan ordered Srida to lay out a city, named Vinita, for the Lord, and went to heaven.

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