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Benefit and greed

Benefit and greed

जहा लाहो तहा लोहो, लाहा लोहो पवड्ढइ

Where there is profit, there is greed and greed grows with the profit

Each worldly man continuously strives for self-satisfaction. In these efforts, sometimes he meets with success, sometimes failure.

Success encourages, failure discourages. If one continuously meets with success, then he will be continuously encouraged and will continue the work that way only.

When a robber is successful in his robbery i.e. he is able to lay his hands on the wealth and is not also caught, then enthused he robs again and again and gradually becomes a famous dacoit. Why does this happen?

Explaining this, the wise men have said that the profit and greed have strong relations. Where there is profit, greed is also there and as one gets profits, the level of his greed also increases proportionately. If profits were not there, then greed also would not have grown.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 8/17

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