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Greed and restlessness

Greed and restlessness

लद्धो लोलो भणेज्ज अलियं

Greedy and restless speak lies

Not to say about a thing, as exactly as that is, is untrue speech – it is a lie. Who speaks the lie? Answering this question, it has been said that the one who is greedy, he speaks lies to fulfill his cravings. Cravings are never fulfilled – this is a fact; but remaining ignorant of this, the greedy, throughout his life is always trying to fulfill his desires. He never gets success in this; still, he constantly runs after and is ready to speak lies at every step.

Apart from this, it has been said that restless person also speaks lies. Such a man’s thinking is not stable. With the variations in feelings, sometimes he resolves to do something, sometimes other; but being restless he is not able to fulfill even one. Thus, all his resolutions become futile.

The man who wants to speak the truth, devote himself to God, he would have to renounce greed and restlessness; otherwise, success will remain away from him.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/2

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