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Greed destroys all

Greed destroys all

लोहो सव्वविणासणो

Greed destroys all

Anger destroys love, pride destroys humility, deceit or cheating destroys friends; but greed destroys all. It annihilates all virtues.

A greedy person does not see anything other than his selfishness. He is always engaged in wealth creation only (wheel of ninety nine). One who has ninety paise, he wants to earn ten more so that he can have a full rupee. One who has ninety-nine rupees he thinks that if he could get another one rupee from somewhere, he could have one hundred rupee note with him. Similarly, one who has thousands, he wants to become a millionaire and who has millions, he wants to become a billionaire. This only is called ‘wheel of ninety-nine’.

Because of greed, man is prepared to commit all sorts of sins. He has no compunctions in committing any type of violence, lies, adultery, cheating, anger, aversion etc. That is the only reason, enlightened have called greed as the father of sins.

When a man has a tendency to commit sins then one cannot expect anything good from him. In life, only virtues are important and hence greed, enemy of virtue, is considered as destroyer of all.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/38

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