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Association with the sadhu

Association with the sadhu

कुज्जा साहूहिं संथवं

Contacts must be maintained with the Sadhus

Eulogy means to know, contact or association. Association influences the whole life. It opens the door of progress. An insect is able to reach the head of the idol because of its association with the flowers. One small river or canal can reach far beyond its power by associating with Gangas, into the gem-filled sea. On the other hand, association with the crooked opens the door of failures. Living with evil men, one adopts evil ways of life, enjoys evil – his all round downfall starts.

If we criticize the wicked and praise gentlemen then why should we not decide to be associated with gentlemen and keep away from evil men? Life can become virtuous with the association of good character men; but with the association of Sadhus it can become detached, unselfish, supremely peaceful, radiant and happy.

Therefore, association of Sadhus is believed to be better than that with gentle men. If we want to reach the pinnacle of progress then we must maintain contact with the Sadhus.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/53

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