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Greedy lies

Greedy lies

लोभपत्ते लोभी समावइज्जा मोसं वयणाए

At any avaricious opportunity, greedy lies

There are many reasons for speaking lies – anger, pride, deceit etc. but greed is the greatest reason. For ordinary gain also, a greedy man is prepared to lie for anything.

Few people, after taking bribe, have made lying as their business. They love money more than God. That is why because of money they utter lies in the name of God, Geeta or holy rivers like Ganga.

A greedy person can never be relied upon. A righteous man only can be relied on. A greedy man remains true until he does not have any temptation. At the appearance of temptations itself, he loses his mind and all his faith for the God, guru, scriptures and holy places vanishes. Despite taking an oath, he speaks lies in their name.

- Acaranga Sutra 2/3/15/2

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  1. Ravinder Jain
    May 8, 2018 #

    It is first updesh of Lord Mahavira which was ddliverd after keveleya gian .Achrang sutter is old Agam which presserved lord mahavir message

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