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Worries of Future

Worries of Future
Gurudev! As I remember my filthy past life, I feel giddy and ashamed and my heart-beats increase. O Soul!, what will be your future? You have committed huge amount of sins for enjoying a few moments. How will you withstand the consequences of these sins which are going to come in vast numbers? You can’t even tolerate a slight rise in the temperature and turn on air conditioner, then how will you tolerate unbearable heat of the furnace of hell where iron also liquifies? How will you tolerate or deal with demons who will roast you like corn flakes? Being restless and planning violent struggles to escape, you will have to face bitter words of demons instead of consolation. They will say, “Let’s enjoy now. You were told by Gurudev, be a vegetarian. At that time you replied saying, “Who knows about hell or heaven? You were eating fishes and other creatures by boiling them. Now see what happens to you”, saying this, they will fry me in hot liquified lead and pour the same in my mouth. At that time, nobody will listen to my misery or pain. What will happen to me Gurudev? And this is not enough, demons will also tell that, “You were enjoying in criticizing others, so I will pull out your tongue.”

“You were happy in drinking non consumable drinks like soda-lemon, bear, whisky. Now you quench your thirst with hot juice of lead. You liked kissing and hugging number of women, now do the same with their hot iron statues.”

“You ate poor creatures by cutting them. Now, I too will split you in a number of pieces”. If these things are forced to me, how will I bear and tolerate?

“You were sprinkling D.D.T. just by mere sense of unpleasant smell. Now, stay here in Vaitarni river and bear its terrible stinking atmosphere for numerous years. You didn’t like viewing deformed and ugly people and had a feeling of hatred towards them. Now have view of all ugly, deformed souls for numerous years. You were frustrated on listening about your mistakes and enjoyed disclosing other’s mistakes, now hear about your sins, evil-deeds and mistakes repeatedly. I will split you into tiny pieces by colliding or striking if you try to escape.” Presently, I become violent even if salt or spices are not in proportion in my food then how will I eat tasteless, stinking and disgusting food? Gurudev, my soul is afraid of sins. O blissful Gurudev, show me righteous way as I am confused. Tell me quickly!! What should I do?

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