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Marichi’s pride and falsehood

Marichis pride and falsehood
Marichi, the son of chakravarti emperor Bharat, accepted asceticism near Lord Rishabhdeva. Finding himself weak to follow the austerity, he accepted the tridandi robe and took bath with a little water, wore pedals and kept an umbrella etc. Once, emperor Bharat asked Lord Rishabhdev in the Samvasaran, “Is any soul existing here who would be a Tirthankara in future?” The Lord replied that, “Your son Marichi will be the first vasudev in Bharat, chakravarti in Mahavideha and the last tirthankara of Bharatkshetra.”

Hearing this, emperor Bharat went to Marichi and bowed before him and said, “I did’nt bow to your robe, but after becoming first vasudeva and chakravarti in Mahavideha, you shall be the last tirthankara of Bharatkshetra that’s why I bow you.” This incident arose pride in the mind of Marichi. He thought that, “My race, tribe and family are the best because my grandfather Lord Rishabhadev is the first Tirthankar, my father Emperor Bharat is the first chakravarti and I will be the first vasudev, chakravarti & last tirthankar. Oh! How great my family and tribe is.’’ He danced in pride, which bound him to the sins of a lower tribe. He didn’t confess and hence this sin bore fruit in the last birth of Mahavir.

Marichis pride and falsehood
Prince Kapil approached Marichi to accept initiation. He advised, “Go to Lord Adinath for asceticism.” Kapil asked, “Does religion exists only there?, Don’t you possess religion?” Marichi thought that, “I have got a befitting disciple and I need someone to serve me in sickness.” He lied that, “Religion exists there as well as over here.” Kapil became his disciple but Marichi didn’t confess of this lie which resulted into his innumerable births. Jaindarshan (Jain philosophy) has never favoured anyone’s sins. The law of karmas is indifferent to all. After reading this be careful before uttering that,“ there is religion in worldly life as well as asceticism.” orelse you shall wander in this world for innumerable births like Marichi.

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