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उपाध्याय श्री यशोविजयजी

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  1. mr. shah
    नवम्बर 20, 2012 #

    really really very nice work done by you guys…

  2. nalini.lakhani
    नवम्बर 29, 2013 #

    great work, done by gurudev he is my all time favourite

  3. aalok shah
    सितम्बर 6, 2014 #

    I crave for the entire detailed history of Rev. Mhopadhyay Yashovijayji Maharaj saheb as I am the native and present resident of Dabhoi itself. Pls. Pls. Pls. send me the the links to get it. Jai Jinendra….

  4. R.C.BHURA
    नवम्बर 10, 2016 #

    could you recall the name of a granth by mahopadhyaya yashovijayji maharaj ending with —-rahasya.

  5. Ravinder Jain
    जून 6, 2018 #

    Send me a copy of the story book in english through courrier .tell me your paytm no .my moble no is is historical information.i am sending my good wishes to all charitet atma in your sangh

    • Ravinder jain
      सितम्बर 24, 2018 #

      i am interted in your web tatatav gian . Please add me

  6. Arun shah
    जून 10, 2018 #

    Excellent informative for youngsters,pl. Keep up the postings of Jainism to preach n teach the kids in simple English.Tons of thanks for educating.

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