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Rest on the way

Rest on the way

संसयं खलु सो कुणइ
जो मग्गे कुणई घरं

He only doubts the devotion who wants to rest on the path

Moksha is our final goal and good conduct and good deeds is the path that takes us there.

Thus, once the goal and the path is decided, the aspirant goes after his regular devotion and does not think of taking rest, desires not for comforts till he attains his goal.

Still, though some people take initial steps towards achieving their goal but when faced with hindrances they become restless and start thinking of abandoning the path. Such people are very clever. They think that if other people were to come to know of their abandoning the path because of the troubles faced by them, then they might consider them as cowards, fearful. To escape from this accusation, they start casting doubts on the way itself. They say, before starting, we had not rightly decided whether this path was right or wrong. After walking the path, we realized that this path is not right; therefore, we are forced to forsake this path and are camping here, abandoning here itself.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 6/26

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