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Speak after thinking

Speak after thinking

अणुचिंतिय वियागरे

Speak after thinking

In this world keeping quiet does not work. Practically everyone has to speak for something or the other. Animals and birds also speak. Their language is different, signs are different, through which they convey their feelings, express their needs.

Man is more intelligent than animals and birds; therefore, to articulate his subtle feelings, he has discovered more developed language and has enriched it with thesaurus.

Due to developed thesaurus, man speaks also more and creates more confusion. Entangled in them, he himself becomes unhappy and makes even others unhappy.

In such a life, there is need of restraint in every field; but the most pressing need is felt in the field of speech. If man’s speech were restrained, limited, used after thinking over, then it will make the speaker more admired. For Sadhus, restraint of speech is more essential. Whatever they speak, they should speak after fully thinking over.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/6/25

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