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Do not lengthen the talk

Do not lengthen the talk

निरुद्धगं वा वि न दीहइज्जा

What can be said in short, let that not be uselessly lengthened

Wise men always present their viewpoint in a balanced way. They speak only what is necessary. They do not like to waste either their own or others’ time with unnecessary details.

Some French philosophers said, “I do not have so much time that I can write in short; therefore, I write in detail.”

Through this strange submission, what he wants to say is that compared to presenting his viewpoint in detail, it is more difficult to present the same in short.

The yardstick of wise man is that in how much less words they can present their viewpoint. People who no little only talk more and more, not the experts. They make it their nature only to present their views in a limited and well-intentioned way.

Advising the new aspirants, they say that what could be said in few words need not be said in more.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/14/23

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