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Uncertainity of Life

Uncertainity of Life

वओ अच्चेति जोव्वणं च

Age is receding and so the youth

As time passes, so also our age is diminishing. Since our birth, opening of our eyes and seeing the world, from then onwards our life is being lost every moment. People think that they are growing; but reality is that they are losing. Number of nights and days spent reduce life from the fixed quota of existence. Thus, age is progressively losing ground every moment.

When age is being depleted, how can youth remain youthful? That also slowly loses its charm and suddenly, one-day old age strikes. Wise men realize this situation before hand itself and make use of every passing instant for betterment. They strive for making the best use of life through religious activities, service, help, benevolence, company of saints, visit to holy places, study of holy books etc. They feel ashamed for irreligious and sinful activities. They refrain from sense gratification. Life’s uncertainty is the reason of their abandonment.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/1

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