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Refrain from greed

Refrain from greed

लोभमलोभेण दुगंछमाणे
लद्धे कामे नाभिगाहइ

Rejecting greed with non-greed, an aspirant uses not the available objects of interest

Greed is a passion. It dirties the soul like anger, pride and deceit. It obstructs its devotion. Like other passions are to be renounced for self-purity, so also greed is to be renounced. Greed is said to be father of sins because it generates all sins. All the sins committed are instigated by this only. If greed is pacified, then tendency towards other sins is automatically controlled.

Question is how to pacify greed? How to win over this? Answer is – with moderation or contentment. Contentment is opposite of greed. Contentment provides peace; but greed gives birth to restlessness. Still, people continue to be after greed and remain restless. Against this, those aspirants who have conquered greed do not even take interest in the objects of interest available to them, what to talk about those which are not available? Hence, it is said – if you want peace, refrain from greed.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/2

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