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Patience in the Truth

Patience in the Truth

सच्चम्मि धिइं कुव्वह

Have patience in the truth, keep staying in

What is truth? To know the truth, we should know the life of virtuous men. For us their life is an example to follow, however might have been their conduct. That path which they walked on is the virtuous path; and those who walk on the right path are virtuous man. Conduct of virtuous men is called good conduct.

Virtuous men are devoid of attachment and aversion. We should also strive for forsaking them. Virtuous men are compassionate, benevolent; we should also imbibe compassion and benevolence. The same thing can be said about their other attributes because all their qualities are worth emulating.

Those who walk on the righteous path do not get its reward or benefit fast and many obstacles continue to come on their way in which keeping of patience becomes necessary. That is why, inspiring the aspirants for self-development, wise men have said, “Live with the truth, stay on. Patience in the truth is necessary to reap its rewards.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/2

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