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Gateway of Ghetipag

Gateway of Ghetipag
During the Siddhgiri yatra, while walking few more steps we come across a place where there is a wide space. When we move a little left and climb those few steps we see, a road going straight. Going a little far this road splits in two. On the right it takes people to Nav Tunk and straight way it would start dismounting with steps going down. There comes a little gate i.e. Gate way of Ghetipag. Many pilgrims, after worshiping Lord Adinath descend this way to worship Lord Adinath’s foot prints at Ghetipag. Again they ascend and after visiting Lord Adinath twice, they reach their resort.

In this way some enjoy two yatras, some four or five, fasting for two days. It has been stated in the scriptures that whoever does seven yatras in two days with a complete fasting, achieves salvation in his third life. First day four or five, second day three or two yatras make them successful. Such pilgrims may be seen during months except monsoon. This is done especially in winter.

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