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Samyak Gyan – Series for Kids

Introducing a series of games, books, puzzles, comics for kids. A one stop destination where you can find a variety of fun-learning activities. You can connect your kids to the roots of jainism. Material available from basics to advanced, you can sow the seeds of jainism in your kids heart. Make your kids explore the world of jainism with the help of these exciting, fun & fresh content. We strive hard so that your kids can easily learn & understand the concepts of jainism.

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What you will find on the site?
- Jain Books for kids
- Jain Games for kids
- Jain Story books for kids
- Jain Comics for kids
- Jain Activity books for kids
- Jain Stuti books for kids
- Jain Books for kids

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  1. Rupa jain
    Apr 3, 2017 #

    Iam not able to access the above website.any other link? Plz share.

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